Dear friends,

We are delighted to introduce you to the “35th BBVA Basketball Tournament”.

It’s going to take place in Sant Julia de Vilatorta (Osona) in catalonia, Spain the 6th - 8th September 2019

The 35th BBVA Basketball Tournament is a pre-season tournament organized by Sant Julia’s Basketball Association who has the great support and collaboration of the Catalan Federation, the Catalan School of referees, the Catalan Association of Couches, the Catalan Basketball Foundation and the BBVA.

The 35th BBVA Basketball Tournament is opened to all kinds of teams, masculine and feminine, professional (all ages and categories) or amateur (only seniors). Many teams get advantage of the tournament and use the three days it lasts as a “pre-season Stage”. To make this possible our organitzation will provide you with several options for the best suitable accomodation (holiday homes, hostels, hotels) and meals (“catering”) for everyone.

To make this possible, the organization will help you find the option of accommodation (holiday homes, hostels, hotels) and meals ("catering") most suitable to you.

The teams will be divided in more than 30 different categories according to the different genders, ages and game levels (take a look at “Categories”). All the teams will play at least 4 games and 6 at maximum. The games will have four parts and each will last 7.5 minutes (time-outs, free kicks etc. according to the Catalan Federation of Basketball). Every game will also have a refereeing and a basketball scoring table named by the Catalan Federation of Basketball. All the games will be played in about 30 simultaneous tracks, located in Sant Julià de Vilatorta and 20 other locations nearby.

Meanwhile the 35th BBVA Tournament is being held there will also be a bunch of other activities to participate in like the “Clinic for coaches”, the Albert Tobal Trophy, three-point-shot and Slam Dunk competitions (all of them with free inscription). Moreover, we will also have the pleasure to keep enjoying the pre-season ACB matches and a lot of leisure activities for free. Each participating, like players, coachess, will be able to acces St Julià’s municipal swimming pool for free, during the 3 days of the tournament.

The BBVA Basketball Tournament is nowadays has become the largest summer festival of the Catalan Basketball, this Tournament is considered the biggest basketball Tournament around Europe with more than 200 participating teams who play more than 500 basketball games during those three days.

We want to express our gratitude to all the people and entities who year after year make the BBVA Basketball Tournament possible. Especially, we want to thank BBVA, the Catalan Federation of Basketball and St.Julià de Vilatorta’s City Hall.

Come and enjoy the great summer festival…

… Do not miss the next 35th BBVA Basketball Tournament!!!

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