Matches & results (2018)

Matches & results (2018)


All teams must review them. If you detect an error, please contact Toni San Nicolás at 661 708 310.

We will publish the final schedules on Sunday, August 26th. All teams must review the final schedules (even though their provisional schedules were fine, since changes may have been made to correct other errors).

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Tournament Rules

1) Organization: Run by the Basketball Association Sant Julià de Vilatorta.

2) Game rules: All teams play a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 matches (depens on category). All games will have referees and annotation designated by the Catalan Basketball Federation and will applicable the FCBQ rules, except the duration of the games (4 parts of 7.5 minutes, with 5 minutes of rest). Coaches have 2 timeouts by one part and 1 overtime.

PRE and MINI categories are mixed and have specific regulations regarding the length of the parts, etc., which will send teams involved.

3) Delivery documentation: From Thursday, 09.01.2016 afternoon in the Office of the 33rd Tournament BBVA, located in the Pavelló de Sant Julià de Vilatorta.

Delivered the Official Journal of the tournament, the free tickets to access to St Julia’s swimming pool, gifts for participating teams. You can also sign up for the contest of three-point-shot and Slam Dunk.

Note: This issue will no longer be the "briefing", the day before the start of the tournament, because we understand that all the teams will already be aware of game times, etc, through our website:

4) Balls: Given the expected high number of matches (more than 500) and tracks (32 simultaneous) to be played in the tournament, each team must bring the balls, it considers necessary for its heating. The organization will provide only the "official ball" (BADEN BALL), with all matches to be played.

5) Prizes: a) Champion Trophy for the champion and runner-up in each category. b) Cristina Codina Trophy for the best rated home team. c) Competition Slam Dunk 1,000 € and 500 € for the Champion 2nd place (in sports equipment Sports Everest / Interesport). d) Competition Three-Point-Shot 500 € and 250 € for the Champion 2nd place (in sports equipment Sports Everest / Interesport). The trophies will be presented to the Pavelló Municipal de Sant Julià on September 10, at the end of the final senior men. No trophies will be given once the tournament.

6) Equal score: The criteria in case of a tie in the classification of the group are: 1st: Basketball particular average, 2nd: basketball overall avarage and 3rd: less penalized team.

7) Registration of players: You can’t start a game with less than 5 players. You can register up to 15 players per team. All players must sign the registration form before participating matches/activities of the 33rd Tournament.

8) Participation of a player in several teams in the tournament: Only permitted in two situations: a) In the case of teams of different age (for example, a junior can play also in Sub-21 or senior). These players are not counted in the "maximum quota" of 15 players older than the team. b) If it is two federated teams of the same age, because the players of the team "B" can play as "reinforcement" of the team "A" (never the reverse) must comply two conditions: 1. this is the same club and 2. the team "B" plays during the season in a lower category than the team "A". The players of the team "B" is not counted as part of the "maximum quota" of 15 players of the team "A". Important: If you do not meet the above requirements, you can not participate in two teams of the same age category (eg, federated senior and non-senior federal although one of them has already been eliminated from the tournament 33rd) .

9) Penalties: In case of unsportsmanlike or uncivil behavior (both matches or the other activities of the 33rd Tournament hosting sites or otherwise) of a player or an entire team, the Competition Committee 33rd tournament can decide the disqualification of the player / team to a match, to several matches or for the entire 33rd tournament. The decisions of the Competition Committee are final.

10) Punctuality: You must perform the warm-up off the track before the start of the match. The time between the end of a game and the start of the next (for "making the wheel") is 5 minutes. The no presence of a team, 15 minutes after the start time is the loss of the match.

11) Final Thoughts: The main objective of the tournament is to enjoy basketball. For this reason, sportsmanship should be the basic rule of the Tournament. The organization reserves the right to decide unforeseen situations or conflictive situations, if the benefit of the participating teams. The registration of a team at tournament implies acceptance of these rules.